Application for Teaching Job In Private Schools In Ghana Should Be Changed For Better Development Of Schools And Better Livelihood For Private Teachers


A. School owners
B. Private School Teachers

The National Council of Private School Teachers (N-COPST), is a body made of private school teachers. It was set up to seek the well being of all Private school teachers across the length and breadth of Ghana and also promote sanity, unity, and enforce standards for school development

Many school owners on their own accept application letters from people, have interviews and offer teaching opportunity for those who qualified after the interview

Few schools after using this method of recruitment of teachers can boast of their teachers and confirm that they are good teachers.

In general, private schools do complain about the behaviour, conduct and performance of Private School Teachers in Ghana

To get qualified, dedicated, respectful, committed, and passionate Teachers, who will delegently work to your satisfaction, look no further than NATIONAL COUNCIL OF PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHERS (N-COPST).

It is free to apply for Teachers from this Council.


The Advisory Committee, Planning and Evaluation Committee and the NCOPST Employment and Orientation department have put up strategies and measures to curb, shape and groam Private School Teachers for better conduct and performance.

Introduction of appraisal system, school exchange programme, entrepreneurship skill and digital learning, advertisement for the school, NGO support, and many more add value to school development

Private School Teachers

We advice all private school teachers in Ghana to fall on this Council for better teaching opportunity

School owner

We advice all school owners to count on this Council for Teachers with teaching passion

It is profitable for Teachers and school owners for NCOPST to be the mediator since we promote unity, peace, sanity, safety, security and welfare for Employees and Employers.

Private School Teachers must be of the known that schools are the properties of the school owners and it is through TOIL that they were able to setup and demand to be taken care of therefore NCOPST stands in to protect the schools

School owners must see to it that workers enjoy better livelihood

Unity and understanding among workers and Employers in private education is our hallmark

School owners

Private School Teachers
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