Ghana is years since independence


It has been sixty-three years since a one-time colonized African country gained independence – self-rule and self-governance- through the blood and toil of selfless and visionary leaders. Wherever they may be, may they have everlasting peace!

It resonates every now and then, in my ears, and much more intense today, when Dr Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah made that powerful, liberating and joyous statement on March 6, 1957, “…At long last, the battle has ended! And thus, Ghana , your beloved country is free forever! …from now on, we must change our attitudes and our minds….that entails hardwork….after all the Blackman is capable of managing his own affairs.”

Exactly six decades and three years now, country Ghana has not performed to the expectations of her forebears. What they envisioned has not come to fruition. Will one be wrong to say they are disappointed at us?

One does not need glass eyes to notice that country Ghana is bedeviled by an avalanche of developmental problems and challenges in every aspect of her development parameters.

Even though, the country has made significant strides in developing her citizenry, human resources and economic capacities, it is by far not enough to meet the growing needs of the people. Well, we may say we are doing our best, but our best is simply not enough to salvage our problems.

Country Ghana is enviably blessed with abundance of natural resources –our forests, water bodies, mineral resources and vast arable land. Despite this fact, she is crippled by several economic as well as social problems.

High among the problems the country is currently, in fact I should say since independence, baffling with includes poverty, corruption and poor governance.

The vast majority of Ghanaians are living in drastic poverty resulting from elevated levels of unemployment. Country Ghana has a youthful population, meaning that the country’s manpower and economic strength lies within the youth bracket. Sadly, many are the Ghanaian youth especially graduates who have acquired employable knowledge and skills from various tertiary institutions of this country and are not employed.

The long-standing graduate unemployment’s trend is worrying and the effects are far-reaching. It has over the years led the energetic, vibrant yet impatient youth into such social cankers as thievery, armed robbery, substance abuse, sycophantic political vigilantism, to mention but a few.

One other critical problem that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our patriotism and has attracted global attention and recognition is corruption. Sad! I bow down in shame any time issues of corruption about country Ghana crops up. A developing and middle income country of Ghana’s caliber engrossed so much into shameless corruption, what a pity! Corruption scandals here and there; government after government! Successive government administrations have failed in the fight against corruption. Anyway, a camouflaged fight.

Corruption is age old. We may not be able to trace who started it but I believe we can end it even now if we want to. It all starts with change of attitude and mindset, as envisioned by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. End corruption now!

The matter of corruption has dampened my spirit to continue this article. Happy Independence Day.

Ibrahim Aminu

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