High Class Recordz Apologizes and Bans Controversial Song ‘BIRIFOR BIE’


In a recent turn of events, High Class Recordz, a music production company based in Wa, Zongo, has issued a formal apology to the Birifor people and announced the ban of a song titled “BIRIFOR BIE.” The song, released on May 18, 2024, sparked significant backlash for its demeaning and disrespectful lyrics towards the Birifor tribe.

The company’s CEO, Kizito Banaanwine Asumah, also known as Kizito, has taken full responsibility for the oversight and expressed deep regret over the incident. In a heartfelt letter dated May 20, 2024, Kizito conveyed his sincerest apologies, acknowledging the hurt and offense caused by the song. He emphasized his commitment to cultural sensitivity and the importance of respecting all communities.

Kizito clarified that his intention was never to perpetuate harmful stereotypes or contribute to the marginalization of the Birifor tribe. Recognizing the gravity of his mistake, he pledged to be more mindful and considerate in the future, ensuring that such an incident does not repeat.

The letter explicitly states that the song “BIRIFOR BIE” has been formally banned and should not be played or distributed in any form. Kizito urged anyone who has the song to delete it from their platforms and refrain from playing it. He reiterated that playing the song henceforth would be at one’s own risk and without the consent of High Class Recordz, the producer, or himself.

This incident serves as a reminder of the powerful impact that media and entertainment can have on societal perceptions and the importance of cultural respect. Kizito’s swift and responsible action highlights his dedication to mending relations and fostering a more inclusive and respectful music industry.

In closing, Kizito extended an olive branch to the Birifor community, expressing his willingness to support and make amends. He offered his assistance and solidarity as a fellow Dagao, hoping to work together towards healing and progress.

High Class Recordz’ proactive approach in addressing the issue and taking accountability sets a commendable precedent for handling cultural insensitivities in the creative industry. It is a testament to the power of sincere apologies and the importance of standing by one’s values, especially in the face of adversity.

For those affected, Kizito remains open and available to discuss further steps to support the Birifor community, emphasizing unity and understanding as the path forward.

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