Honoring Chief Alhassan Tariq Saeed: A Coronation to Remember


In the heart of Odumase near the SDA school in Sunyani, a momentous occasion is set to unfold Today 4th of August, 2024. The coronation ceremony of Alhassan Tariq Saeed, The esteemed Hausa Chief known fondly as Chief Saeed (Mai Martaba), promises to be a landmark event, heralding a new chapter in the rich tapestry of the community’s history.

Chief Saeed’s ascension to the revered position of Mai Martaba is not merely a ceremonial tradition but a testament to his unwavering dedication, leadership, and service to the community. Through years of selfless commitment and vision, Chief Saeed has exemplified the qualities of a true leader, fostering unity, progress, and prosperity among our people.

The significance of this coronation extends far beyond the ceremonial rituals. It signifies continuity and the preservation of our cultural heritage, rooted deeply in the traditions of the Hausa people. As we gather to witness this historic event, we reaffirm our collective pride in our identity and traditions, cherishing the values that bind us together as a community.

Friends and family from near and far are invited to join us in celebrating this auspicious occasion. For further information and inquiries, please contact us at +233 54 250 2003 or +233 24 282 5701. Together, let us commemorate Chief Alhassan Tariq Saeed’s coronation with joy, reverence, and a renewed sense of unity for a promising future ahead.


Chief Saeed’s journey to this esteemed position has been marked by a series of significant contributions to the community. His initiatives in education, healthcare, and local development projects have profoundly impacted the lives of many. His leadership style, characterized by inclusivity and a deep understanding of the community’s needs, has garnered him respect and admiration from all quarters.


The coronation ceremony will not only celebrate Chief Saeed’s new role but will also be a vibrant display of Hausa culture. Traditional music, dance, and attire will bring to life the rich heritage that has been passed down through generations. This celebration is a poignant reminder of our roots and the importance of preserving our cultural identity in a rapidly changing world.


As we look forward to this historic event, it is also a time to reflect on our collective goals and aspirations. Chief Saeed’s coronation is a beacon of hope, signaling a future where unity and progress go hand in hand. It is an invitation to every member of the community to come together, celebrate our achievements, and work towards a brighter future.

The coronation of Chief Alhassan Tariq Saeed on today  4th of August is more than just a ceremonial event; it is a celebration of our shared history, our cultural heritage, and our unwavering spirit of unity and progress. Let us come together to honor our new leader and embrace the promising future that lies ahead.