Meeting Sarkodie in person will be a dream come true – Safo Newman


Ghana’s new music sensation, Safo Newman, is riding high on the waves of success with his hit single “Akokoa,” and he credits much of his newfound fame to none other than Ghanaian rap icon, Sarkodie.

Safo Newman, whose song Akokoa is currently making waves across various digital platforms, expressed his profound gratitude towards Sarkodie for amplifying his music’s reach.

The new kid on the block’s rise to prominence has been meteoric, with Akokoa climbing the charts and gaining significant traction, particularly after Sarkodie lent his support to the track, branding it as ‘a banger.’ 

In an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz, Safo Newman expressed his admiration for Sarkodie’s influence on his career adding that  meeting Sarkodie whom he extols as an idol in person would be the culmination of a dream come true for him

He said :  “His duet of my song really added volume to it and I can say that even made it go viral. Just meeting him in person and saying thank you  will be enough even if a collaboration does not happen soon. I would really like to meet him in person.”

The singer cum teacher has also released his latest single, Valentine in celebration of Valentine’s Day widely touted as a day of love and it is just one for the books. 

Source : Graphic online