Tv3 Maiden Perfect Match Xtra Reality Show, a Really Perfect Show?


Over the past few days, I have been watching the maiden tv3 reality show dubbed Perfect Match Xtra (pmxtra) and I must commend the creators, producers and sponsors of the 24/7 adult content reality show.  Ghanaians have the opportunity to showcase to the rest of the world real creativity, talent, culture, diversity and tourism potentials of this country.

However, I must say the 24/7 live reality show came at a time where the stakes are already high and patrons of such programmes are comparing it with Big Brother (BBAmerica, BBAfrica, BBMzanzi, BBNaija, BBTitans) and “I’m in love with Bomaye”  Reality Shows. It’s not their fault because they look similar.

To begin with, we must understand what Perfect match xtra is all about. It’s a new Tv3 Reality Show created by Media General to give its cherished viewers the extreme entertainment they have always been longing for. The media Network decision was presumably based on two things; patrons desire to watch an extended version of “Date Rush-like shows” and Ghanaians craving for similar reality shows across the globe. The Perfect Match xtra revolves around the quest for love and the challenges of finding the perfect partner, all played out live on television.  For this maiden show, 5 gentlemen and 5 ladies who are looking for true love will be hosted by Big Mama (you heard me) for 9 weeks and they will be employing various tactics and strategies to win over their ideal match. Five couples will be formed and there will be weekly recoupling. Viewing audience will have the power to influence the outcome through voting.  Contestants who fail to secure a love match will face eviction until the last couple declared winners. There are weekly aerobics sessions, nominations sessions, diary sessions, games (tasks), recoupling, voting, eviction, until the ninth week where a winner (couple) will be declared.

Now, that sound likes Big Brother (BBAmerica, BBAfrica, BBMzanzi, BBNaija, BBTitans) and “I’m in love with Bomaye” Reality Shows huh? Yes, it does but with lots of modifications and exciting programmes and attractions. In 2012, “I’m In Love With Bomaye” was a Ghanaian Reality show created by Alex Biney, a former BBAfrica housemates serving as the King ( Bomaye) looking for love with 12 ladies on board to try to win over the King’s love. The 13-week long Reality show which was shown on Multi-tv’s Cine Afrik,  saw Promzy(Promise Naa Okasai) winning the ultimate though she was not among the top 3 with the popular votes from viewing audience.  The program left many disappointed since the King (Bomaye) was the only person that could put housemates for possible eviction.  There was no transparency in the eviction process and we are not sure when season 2 will come off.

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), it is a Nigerian Reality show based on similar Big Brother protocols where housemates/guests are isolated in one big house to compete for a price tag. The show is filmed 24/7 and “nothing” is hidden from Big Brother’s cameras (Eye). The rules are strict: any break attracts sanction ranging from in-house punishment to disqualification. Monday Head of House games, Arena games, Diary sessions, Nominations, Weekly wager task, Pool party, Saturday Night Party and Sunday Live eviction show are some of the popular activities in Big Brother house. The first show started in 2006 and the season 2 came off in 2017 (11 years after). The first and second seasons had 14 housemates each with Katung  Aduwak (2006)and Efe Ejeba(2017) winning the season 1 and 2 respectively. Subsequent series continue to have higher numbers ( eg season 7 had 26 housemates). The Show is purely viewers’ Choice and by this I mean only viewing audience will determine who stay or go.

The PMxtra Maiden edition could be better if the organisers factor what the public are saying into the coming weeks or next season. First, MG should get a dedicated channel (dstv event channel) for viewers, not just app. Secondly; they should open nominations for entries into auditions in order to get the best for the show. People with dreams should be put on the show, not jobless or fuck boys and girls who have little to offer society. Those on the show should inspire many just like contestants in Ghana Most Beautiful, Mentorz, Talented kids, or other reality apps across the globe. The Live eviction shows, pool parties, etc could be broadcast live by tv3 for free. Also the voting and result computing should be transparent, fair and devoid of manipulation. Public should have confidence in the judgement in the independent computing firm. The show should be owned by the Public and viewers’ votes globally should determine who stays or leave or win the ultimate. The number of contestants should be increased to 20 with lots of surprises, twists, suspense from Big Mama. Lest I forgot, Big Mama should be a bit romantic while exacting her authority as the real Big mama of the House.

We look forward to a more captivating love reality show in the coming weeks and the next season.

Perfect Match Xtra: Love, Betrayal, Reality.

Toppie Saatorpie

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