I won’t give my man money unless we are married – Chika, Date Rush S8


According to Chika, a Date Rush contestant, she will not give her boyfriend money until she is lawfully wedded to him.

Last night’s episode began with what the ladies on Date Rush deem as deal breakers in a relationship. They spoke about things they will not do for their boyfriends unless there is a ring on their finger.

Chika’s answer sent an uproar in the audience when she stated that she won’t give her boyfriend money, but if he offers it to her, she will take his money.

She reasoned that because of her very sympathetic and benevolent nature, she has been at the receiving end of manipulative people taking advantage.

“I wouldn’t like to spend money on my guy so much because I’m such a person who is so kind-hearted. I spend a lot of money on people a lot. If we are married, I’ll spend on my husband. Free from my heart. Free from my body. But if my boyfriend gives me money, I will collect it,” Chike explained.

Some revealed that having children outside wedlock is a no-no for the relationship. While others disclosed that they don’t have frequent sex with their boyfriends because they are not married

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