10 best banks to save and invest in Ghana in 2021


Entrusting one’s properties or resources in the hands of someone or a group of individuals or an entity is one of the toughest decisions in life.

What we often see is that some people just rush and chose a particular financial institution without doing extensive research about them or engaging in very deep thinking and decision-making process or seeking guidance from experts. In the end, disappointment, regret, and hopelessness set in.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to get familiar and acquainted with almost every financial institution or banking entity in the country, not necessarily to make business with them, but to track their operations, should you find any form of abnormality about them, you would be able to raise an alarm or concern to the general public for immediate actions or interventions.

As we have begun a new year, many financial institutions are working tirelessly to win a greater share of the market, amidst the impact of the deadly novel Coronavirus pandemic, which though caused many disruptions in their operations, presented them with numerous opportunities, and visionary lens in 2020, and still hitting the world so hard currently.

There are many banking entities in the country, but only a few continue to rise to the top and jump into the bracket of “The Best Banks in Ghana” in 2021.

Follow me, and let’s explore the 10 best banks to save and invest in 2021.

  1. Databank

It’s considered the most consistent and trustworthy investment banks in Ghana at the moment. Established in 1990, the bank aims at ensuring clients’ financial independence by offering them the best investment products.

Its investment packages include Mfund, Epack, ArkFund, and many more.

  1. Republic Bank

As a subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) of Trinidad & Tobago, the bank has a wide range of investment packages for its customers including Brain Child Account, HomeSave Account, Susu Plus Account, and 55plus Account.

The Republic Bank’s services include Investment Banking; Corporate, Commercial and Retail Banking; Mortgage Banking, and Micro Finance.

  1. National Investment Bank (NIB)

Regarded as the major lender to the Manufacturing, Building, and Construction, and Agro-processing sectors of the economy, NIB has 70% of its portfolio as loans to the private sector.

NIB has branches in all the sixteen regions of Ghana, gaining much presence as one of the few banks to have achieved such status.

Its investment operations range from Fixed Deposits to Treasury bills.

  1. EDC Ghana – Ecobank

The bank merged with the Trust bank after receiving approval from the Bank of Ghana in 2011 and currently operates in 32 countries.

Fixed Income Fund, Money Market Fund, and Ecobank TBILL4ALL are some of the bank’s investment packages.

  1. SIMS

Incorporated in 2007, the bank is licensed with the Ghana Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and registered with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.

In October 2020, the bank changed its name from STANLIB Ghana Limited to Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS).

Its investment packages include SIMS Cash Trust and SIMS Income Fund Trust.

  1. First National Bank

As a subsidiary of the FirstRand Group, First National Bank has acquired GHL, which was considered the market leader in the mortgage market in the country.

It has a wide range of packages for fixed deposits. Its interests rate are between 5% and 10% per year.

  1. Fidelity Bank

When it comes to investor relations, Fidelity bank is the king and master.

Its investment packages include Fidelity Bright Kids Account, Fidelity Reserve Account, Fidelity Easy Save Account, Fidelity Lifestyle Investment Plan, among others.

  1. Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana (ADB)

As a state-owned development and commercial bank, ADB focuses on corporate banking, risk management, retail banking, treasury management, coupled with an agribusiness division.

  1. Standard Chartered Bank

As a British Multinational Banking institution, and financial services provider, the bank has investment packages including the Mutual Fund, which is targeted at buying Securities through money-gathering from investors, the Fixed Income Securities, and Wealth Builder.

  1. Cal Bank

Since its commencement in 1990, the bank has retained its consistency as one of the best financial entities in the area of banking solutions.

Cal bank’s investment packages include the Calbank InvestPlus Account, Calbank SuperSave Account, and Treasury Bills.

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