You can’t get it all in marriage – Counsellor


A Ghanaian counsellor, Reverend Charlotte Oduro has advised that marriages do not provide everything that one needs; stating one cannot get it all in a marriage.

In a discussion on TV3’s Heart Bay, a segment on New Day, she explained that couples in every relationship must be willing to sacrifice to have lasting relationships.

Contributing to the topic, “Christmas: A time of Forgiveness and Restoration?”, she said, “These are some of the things when I say, some of the women do not want to agree. But it is not about agreeing to it, it is the principle of marriage. You cannot have it all the way you want it in marriage and if you are not willing to sacrifice, you can’t work in marriage”.

She further explained that “the Bible says you need to dress it and keep it. So it means that marriage is work. Both of us are supposed to work on it”.

The counselor emphasized that some commitments need to be made in relations to make them work. This she explained as “sometimes, one has to sacrifice when the other is trying to be stubborn. Don’t say that because he is being stubborn, I will also want to do the same thing. There would be fire in the house!”

When asked what women who are pushed to believe that marriage is the ultimate and that whatever happens in marriage should be endured, she advised that women must be keen about the intangibles in a man and not the material things they possess from the onset of a relationship.

“If you have all the money and you look good and you don’t care about how I feel, I’m not going in for you because marriage is a long term thing and you don’t joke with it. So your money could be there, but let me see how you respect me. You may have all the money, all the prestige and everything. Let me see, with all the level you have, how you address me when you are angry with me” she said.

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