Coronavirus Can Be Prevented – Vitamin D Solution


One of the well explored effects of vitamin D is the regulation of the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is now a global pandemic. Correction of any deficiency is an obligation and not a favour. It will not cause side effects since one is just normalizing a biological parameter. Its time to become D +ve….Its immuno-modulatory mechanisms to prevent the difficult to treat respiratory infections are many:

1. upregulation of innate and adaptive immunity
2. expression and secretion of immuno-peptides cathelicidins and defensins that boost body’s defense mechanisms
3. protection against LPS induced acute lung injury
4. suppression of cytokine storm by downregulating the production of Renin and upregulation of the protective ACE2

Sun exposure along may not suffice as most of us are not ready for it in our urban lifestyle – the recommended healthy sunexposure is – 15 to 20 mins with 70% body exposed between 10 am to 2 pm.
there are other reasons that limit vitamin D in the body – magnesium deficiency, pollution and toxins that do not allow the liver and kidneys to participate adequately in vit D activation, VDR or vitamin D receptor polymorphisms….

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Be safe , feel confident with vitamin D
Dr Renu Mahtani MD FMNM

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