Energy Saver: Cynty Cooking Bag (CCB) Cooking Without Using Fire



Is a non-electric heat retention cooker that allows food that has been brought into the bag to continue cooking hours after it has been moved from the heat source.

Cooking Table
Cooking Table


  • Do not wash the CYNTY COOKING BAG. Always remember the bag is not washable. If it is wet try to dry it as quickly as possible.
  • Do not use a clay pot. Instead, use a metal pot with fitting lid
  • Do not use a lid with perforations/holes
  • Use the right size pot for the food
  • Ensure that no charcoal or debris of naked fire is stuck under the pot before you put it in the “CYNTY COOKING BAG”
  • Do not look inside or add ingredients once you put the pot in the “CYNTY COOKING BAG”
  • Do not open the “CYNTY COOKING BAG:” until you are ready to eat
  • Keep your “CYNTY COOKING BAG” away from flames.
  • put the pot in a pan for safety reasons
  • Put the pot in a pan for safety reasons as it will keep your “CYNTY COOKING BAG” clean and easier to move
  • Tips
    Soup and stew will not reduce when cooking in the Cynty Cooking Bag, so use less water than you might normally.Do not put a pot of lukewarm of half eaten food in the Cynty Cooking Bag as it will be an ideal breeding ground for bacteriaUse a table cloth or napkin to spread inside your Cynty Cooking Bag before placing your pot to protect it from any spills.In cooking Bambara beans, soak it morning to evening and boil it for 30minutes before you put it in the Cynty Cooking Bag for the night.BENEFITS

    Cooking in the “CYNTY COOKING BAG”,

    • Saves money
    • Saves time
    • Protects the environment
    • Makes cooking saferUse CCB to contribute to a sustainable world through the energy you safeCYNTY COOKING BAG
      Are made in Wa Ghana in the Upper West RegionContact the CEO, Cynthia on: 0243827564/0207935990

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