Dagara Culture Connect Donate items to Orphanage Homes( Jirapa, Lawra and Nandom)


Dagara Culture Connect popuparly known as DCC is a proud group of Dagara clans which spreads its wings from the upper North of Ghana and beyond ( part of Burkina Faso) and not forgetting Dagaabas in the diaspora, had its emergence from the Facebook platform which is freely opened to all Dagaabas to join.

On DCC page, members get to learn more about the Dagara Culture, reunite and share their nostalgic experiences among others. As part of their developments, where they seek to touch lives in the society, members came out voluntarily to contribute in cash in support of this initiative. From the contributions gathered, items such as bags of rice, cooking oil, stationery, washing detergents, toiletries among others were purchased purposely for the Orphanage Homes( Jirapa, Lawra and Nandom).

Presentation of these items was done today on the 26th December 2020. The administrator of this noble family Hellen Dery, wishes to express her profound gratitude and appreciation to all DCC members who took it upon themselves by putting smiles on the faces of these children. Long live DCC and may the good Lord continue to be of our guide. Thank you

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