Dazzle Tours delight it’s patrons with a thrilling unforgettable experiential trip to the Wechaiu Community Hippo Sanctuary


On the 15th of February Dazzle Tours delighted it’s patrons with a thrilling unforgettable experiential trip to the Wechaiu Community Hippo Sanctuary in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.

Dazzle Tours and Events is a multidisciplinary client focused Travel and tourism firm providing holistic tourism and Travel experiences. Being committed to responsible tourism. Dazzle Tours is passionately concerned with the conservation and protection of Ghana and Africa’s wildlife and cultural and historical monuments and are committed to ensuring local economies benefit from their presence.

The participants were from Japan, the Netherlands , indigenes of the upper west region and other regions of Ghana. A total number of 35 persons consisting of workers and tertiary students experienced the rich distinctive tour packages from Dazzle Tours on this one day return trip.

The first destination was the Wechaiu Community Hippo Sanctuary Museum where tourist had the rare opportunity to see the skeletal remains of the hippos. With their appetite been watered they were so eager to go down the river (The Black Volta) which is the home of the third largest mammal on earth with bats, chameleons, hedgehogs and many different types of lizards and snakes. The sanctuary is an excellent place to see birds with over 200 species identified and new sights seen regularly.

There is nothing quite fascinating than cruising on canoe with your hands through the water for a wonderful experience while on river safari. All the tourists had the privilege to see many hippos sun bathing and swimming the in river. The very experienced tour guides explained and answered all questions regarding the hippo sanctuary while on the expedition.

After two hours of a rich experience on the river, tourist gathered by the bank of the river to enjoy a sumptuous meal with kebab accompanied by assorted drinks. Local games like oware were played with others networking and making new friends.

The trip was climaxed in an unforgettable fashion as tourist were treated to captivating traditional dance by the a dance troop from Kpanfa a Lobi Community just close to the Hippo Sanctuary. Tourist ceased the opportunity to practice some few dance moves which left the villagers in laughter and excitement.

In all the trip manager Mr Wisdom Maalaazaa Yeng attested to the fact that the trip was a complete success with a few tourist we spoke with confirming his accession.

Dazzle Tours offer tour packages showcasing beautiful destinations across Ghana especially Northern Ghana. Dazzle Tours Provides exciting tour services which includes but not limited to
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They aspire to become the leading Travel and Tours firm in Ghana and their clients best partner.
Always providing the best possible products with the highest quality of services and demonstrating their commitment towards Social and Environmental responsibility.

Mr Yeng assured that many of such trips will be embarked in the future to help boost local tourism.

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