Fatherhood: 10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Teacher


There are a lot of advantages and benefits to being married to a teacher – and I suspect most of them are pretty universal. With the need to be informed about lifetime decisions such as marriage, I present to you my 10 Reasons why it’s Awesome being married to a teacher.

  1. They get lovely long holidays.
    Forget the small issue of their holidays corresponding with the most expensive times of the year to go away, the fact that their holidays roughly coincide with your children can save you a tonne of money on childcare during the holidays.
  2. They’re (usually) great with kids. I know that sounds a bit silly, but having a parent who is already pre-disposed to get along well with children can be a real advantage in life. For the same reason, they also make great aunts and uncles!
  3. They don’t take any crap from kids.
    See above – when you’re surrounded by crafty, sneaky kids all day, you learn their tricks and what makes them tick. This can be a real life-saver when your own children get older – though I suspect the children might tell you different!
  4. They can do their job virtually anywhere.
    Obviously there’s a few limitations to that statement – they usually need to be near a classroom, of course. But teachers are teachers all around the country/world, so if you find yourself having to relocate for work, your partner shouldn’t find it too hard to relocate their own job, if you decide that this is the way to go.
  5. They’re smart.
    They also make great proof-readers if you happen to write a blog, and they’re usually pretty well-trained in most types of technology to boot.
  6. They really make a difference.
    Unless you work for a charity or in some sort of care role (EDITED TO ADD: Or one of the many other jobs that make a difference – see some of the comments below for examples sigh), the chances are your job doesn’t seem like it makes a huge positive difference in the world. Teachers on the other hand – they do (what I think is) one of the most important jobs in the world. Feel proud, and live vicariously through them!
  7. They love laminating stuff.
    You might think this sounds like a weird benefit, but unless you’ve felt the joy of doing a perfect lamination, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Just try it and see!
  8. They tell the best stories.
    If you think the gossip at your workplace is good, you should HEAR the stories a teacher will come home with. Not only have they got the antics of their fellow teachers to tell you about, they’ve also got hundreds of kids doing bonkers stuff that they’ll tell you about.
  9. You always get control of the remote control.
    Because teachers spend large swatches of their evenings doing marking, preparing lessons or doing other horrendous admin. Sure, it might be stressful for them, but you’ll certainly end up appreciating your own free time when you get it!
  10. They make you PROUD.
    Let’s face it, they do a fantastic job and you can feel immensely proud of them all the bloody time. Give the teacher in your life a big hug – they rock!
    So there we have it – that’s my list, what did I miss? Sure, there are a few disadvantages too .What are your thoughts on this piece?


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