Ghana Northern Golden Awards nominees list 2021


The organizers of Northern Golden Awards have officially released the list of nominees.

The awards scheme seeks to reward Great people in the Northern part of Ghana.

Below is the list of nominees

Nominees list for GNG Awards 2021

Entrepreneur of the year

  1. Snow-b Monsta
  2. Dumba Clovis Cajetan
  3. Florence Kpan
  4. Shakira Ali Pelpou

Male Radio Personality of the year

  1. Muniru Ibrahim
  2. Dimbie Jamaldeen
  3. Dennis Bebane
  4. Erasmus Asare (Tee Jay)
  5. Iddrisu Dasana Ibrahim
  6. Morris Banaamwine

Music Artist of the year

  1. Young Cash
  2. Demokraci
  3. Infinity
  4. Jazzy
  5. Surko Wuli
  6. Naakuolo Abdulai Abdul Gafuru
  7. Kawute

CEO of the year

  1. Hanifa Umar
  2. Dumba Clovis Cajetan
  3. Florence Kpan
  4. Hiqmat Sungdeme
  5. Ibrahim Fuseini Adams

Social Media influencer

  1. Naakuolo Abdulai Abdul Gafuru
  2. Ibrahim Fuseini Adams
  3. Prince Burma Junior

DJ of the year

  1. Latifa Bipuah
  2. Dennis Bebane
  3. Erasmus Asare (Tee Jay)

Discovery of the year

  1. Mb Zonne
  2. Hiqmat Sungdeme Saani
  3. Ibrahim Fuseini Adams
  4. Nasty Bwoy
  5. Osundo Muzik

Male TV presenter of the year

  1. Bignuba Joseph
  2. Arid Ibun Hassan Seinu (Aarif TV oline)
  3. Sumial Saaso (Saaso TV Online)

TV/Radio program host of the year

  1. Dennis Bebane
  2. Erasmus Asare (Tee Jay)

Best Radio Station

  1. Radio progress
  2. Radio Upper West (GBC)

Rising star of the year

  1. Young Cash
  2. Nasty Bwoy
  3. Osundo Muzik

Best Pharmaceutical Company

  1. Pills pharmaceuticals limited
  2. Baseline pharmaceuticals limited
  3. Fuzy Chemist

Best Dealer in Motors

  1. Muskilla motors
  2. T.A Tanko motors
  3. Akwasi motors

Best Hotel

  1. Dellagio Hotel
  2. Blue Hills Hotel
  3. Sem B lodge
  4. Royal lodge
  5. Royal Cosy Hills Hotel

Best Restaurant

  1. Mummy’s kitchen
  2. Mid-day kitchen
  3. Global kitchen
  4. Spicy Foods
  5. 2nd kitchen

Photographer of the year

  1. Nasiri Erasung Rahaina
  2. Eddy Fresh Media

Political personality of the year

  1. Farihan Ahmed 2 . Baba Waala
  2. Abubakari Kotie Nurideen (Bitis)

The awards night is on 26th, August 2021.

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