Humanity before Politics and Partisanship – Ibrahim Aminu


I have listened and observed with much grief, the utterances of some party communicators cum serial callers not only over the radio and television but also social gatherings and sittings. The social media is the worst of them all.

It beats my imagination about where we are heading towards as citizens of an under-developed country like Ghana; political slavery, intellectual insanity, democratic enmity, or our so-yearned conscientious national development. The trajectory of Ghana’s political landscape has weird off consensus building and mutual, deliberative constructivism for national development; lest we stay aloof. The act of politicking has suddenly turned into a bunch of prevarication, character defamation and insincere hypocrisy.

The hypocritical nature of the act has confuted its credibility. This is evident in the manner in which people react to policies and programmes of governments of the day. Instead of we as citizens – optimistic about progressive national development- to support its course, being championed by our elected officials, we rather insubordinately sabotage their efforts.

Whatever be the case, we elected them and we must always be behind them to propel the development agenda of the nation. That is not to say we should not critisize our elected officials, but it should be honest and constructive not mere thwarting of efforts. It constitutes a great form of dishonesty and mendacity in trying to thwart, vilify and libel against our own elected officials for no reason than political difference.

Even when the holders of public offices are on a different divide of the political ravine, all citizens of the country must be committed to giving them the deserved support in building the nation. I think political difference should be the last thing to recognize in corporate national development.

Unfortunately, personal and political sentiments have taken over the airwaves in the name of party communications. I have seen lots of people, even intellectuals of honour and prestige deeply engrossed in dishonest, insincere and paradoxical propaganda. This, having filled their vanity, have starved their self respect; but do they care?

Darkness can never drive out darkness, only light can do so. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that some people unwarrantedly taint government’s hard-boiled projects, policies and programmes without having a considerate thought about the ripple effect on national development, all in the name of political distinctiveness. Being ideologically distinct does not mean criticize every policy of your rival unjustifiably, even when your conscience disproves.

It saddens me to note that the politics of today has replaced truthfulness with falsehood, honesty with dishonesty, trust with mistrust, and on. When I watch and listen to Political Talk Shows on television and radio, I almost always lose self-consciousness hearing the unfrank inputs of infidelity from panelists and _phone-ins_.

It is expedient that we eschew our political differences and parochial interests and work genuinely and co-operatively towards national development without apathy. In line with that, we must appreciate and support the Government of the Republic in translating visions into realities.

We must also desist from personality attacks, willful contempt of our leaders, ingrate sabotage of efforts, insubordination, character assassination and equivocation of facts. These does not help our democracy.

Finally, the year 2020 is here with us filled lots of hopes and aspirations; I pray we all make the most out of them. Again, it is an electioneering year, let’s approach the election with peace and friendliness.

Politics is not a battle of swords, it is a battle of ideas. Elections, politics and partisanship have come to meet humanity – humanity first.



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