I am me, you are you


    I am me, you are you

    Be yourself before somebody

    Makes you another you

    You are you, not a teddy

    Be your own king and rule

    Your own kingdom, your soul

    Your life will be at stake

    When you allow another you

    To make you another you

    I am me, you are you

    Tell my ills to another you

    An apple is an apple

    So scented and so sweet

    But it may taste bitter

    In the tasteless taste Of another you

    No matter how many times

    A snake sheds its skin

    It will always be a snake

    I am me. You are you

    My moon is a white sliver

    When you are you, you bright

    Brighter even in the dark

    Your destiny is like a star

    And the stars never rise but

    I see the bright eyes

    Does my name stink like

    A rotten meat!

    I am me, seasoned with silver of ginger

    And you are you

    The world’s silver

    By: Dumba Makbul

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