Instil Hope Into Ghanaian Youth By Using Our Limited Resources To Change Their Lives – Upper West Regional Youth Federation


In celebrating International Youth Day, we at the Upper West Youth Federation salute the youth. Most especially the Ghanaian for the resolute and commitments in contributing the efforts to making this country a better place to live in.

International Youth Day is a day to reflect on the contribution of youth towards building a safer and more peaceful future. It is a day to remember that impactful political, economic, and social change is only possible with key input from youth. This year, International Youth Day is dedicated to commemorating young people across the globe for their contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and peace. The United Nations World Programme of Action for Youth notes that young people are often the main victims of conflict. Given the alarming rate of conflict worldwide, it is more important than ever to give youth a greater voice in decision-making and to set up mechanisms that would enable them to participate in peace processes.

While there is a growing interest on the integration of youth in all development planning processes, opportunities for youth to become economically and socially active remain low.

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” as stated by the United Nation, seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

Youth is a decisive phase in personal development, we want to use this opportunity to call on civil society stakeholders, policymakers and entrepreneurs to imagine new forms of collaboration that are able to harness the vast potential of youth and enable it to express all within it that is unique and promising.

We also want to call on the Ghana government to use the limited resource at its disposal to implement programs and projects that bring hope and economic empowerment to the youth.

Many of our youth are losing hope in our governance system due to the waste of resources through corruption and many projects which does not benefit the masses. If present and future governments do not act with urgency, we foresee a youth revolt in the near future.

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