You Must Kill The Notion That Musicians Are Ungrateful

The art of MUSIC is seen as a TALENT to some people , known to some as PASSION & BUSINESS to others, which ever way it is, Human relationships does existed in the music Business. And before a musician can achieve your Aim or Goal as musician, you may in one way or the other enter into formal or verbal contract with people and a lot of other people plays a part in your SUCCESS story, but one’s relationship with them has always not always been quite good with most of these people or business partners after gaining success.
This has lead to the notion that, musicians are ungrateful because of the way musicians turn to behave towards their business partners when they gain spotlight in music.
My point here is that, it isn’t easy to spot raw talents, believe & invest in it to grow into a multi million dollar or cedis worth.
That not withstanding, imagine the individuals who will invest their money, times and knowledge to push someone from the grass to grace then their behavior will change towards you, and they will cripple your investment with outrageous demands and see any move by you as cheating?
With no reference to a particular musician or any most recent happenings, I wish to say that, before you take any action or decision as a musician who is helped by that someone with the hope of gaining something back, you must first think over a lot of things and ask yourself what amount of money your brand has generated so far?  The #recordings, the #clothes, the #travels, the #promotion and others #branding ways , ask yourself weather your money can cater for all this over the years or period that you haven’t made a #penny for their #investments ?
 I know labels and individuals do cheat musicians but it isn’t fare to be in someone hands for 1, 2, 3 or more years without generating any reasonable income and when your “cocoa season” comes , then BOOM!!! you start bringing up bad attitude and trying all your possible best to break tires with them to chop alone now that you are becoming a money making machine because of their earlier Investment (money & Efforts)in you.
You must realize that, those people calling themselves your friends or family members were never there when you needed that support to grow. So the people you see as friends or family or the clean people to deal with are rather the “gold diggers” who are trying to take advantage of your situation to chop your money or chop on your fame that someone built.
Music isn’t always a short term but a long term investment and one must allow someone’s investments to yield dividends before you call for any alterations or change of agreements.
Let’s learn to be patient as musicians like they way they patiently took us from no where, let’s learn to always remember about our Yesterday or beginnings and our tomorrow or future, let’s let try as much as possible to kill this notion before our talents rots in our hands because people will begin shifting to other business options once we keep failing them…..

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