Phanaky Is Set To Drop An EP Title ”The Village Boys EP”


Kurii Musah known as Phanaky is an Afropop Artist from Wa, he is set to release his maiden EP on a yet to announce date.

He name this EP as “The Village Boys EP” he explain why he used the above name as a  way to prove the city dwellers wrong in the perception that villagers has nothing good in them.

The aim of the EP is to prove the town dwellers that talent can be found anywhere not just the urban centers.

In so doing this He plan that the Village boy track will have only village dwellers, He met other artist from different villages and present their grievances to them and they are support of it, Also in the preparation of the tracks I bet you “hmmmm” they are excellent and dope compare to the previous projects.

Titling and theme on point and styles superb

He further explains that their biggest problem is the ability to secure a radio program to showcase this Impending EP.

Indeed He really needs a good management team to show case this great mission.

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