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Born on October 16, 1996, in Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Flex worked with Monsta Dagaati, another rap king, in the early days of his career before he strictly and solely built his fresh to the top solo career out of nothing, with a hit single Milukibig, which eventually translated into the team name Milukibig Nation (MLB), which he is the co- president. The Milukibig rapper has collaborated with artists ranging from Wiz Maleek, Best Gally and a host of other top ranking artists the Upper West Region can boast of. He has been touted by Dj Sakora of Mark radio in Wa, as the lyrical genius in 2018. Flex is admired and respected by Hajj Seven (CR7) and many hip-hop funs, for his incredible ability and mastery to spit hot fire rap in the American English, which is definitely not his first language nor mother tongue. He is even a lot better when he flows in the local dialect, and this makes him a complete hip-hop package. The beat will not matter, Flex will ride and flow beautifully on it and ears will like it,whiles heads nod to it! The rapper has twenty eight tracks to his name. He is a highly sought after artist who decides which shows he passes through. This is an artist with the work ethic of 2Pac, the lyrical diversity of JZ and the down to earth nature of Lil Wayne. Standards and sheer values are what governs the rapper’s life


Rapper Flex was born Donkor Felix on October 16, 1996, in Wa, the Upper West Region of Ghana. Flex has been creating music since high school days, and he is considered among today’s most talented rappers in Wa. Flex started rapping at age15.The determined Flex continued to press on and here he is today, a household name in rap music in Wa.

Flex’s first studio recording was Milukibig back at school in 2011. Away from the studio Flex seriously engage himself as a computer technician at Hermas Systems in Wa,with a fervent intention of furthering his education at the tertiary level hopefully.


In 2017, Flex released a hot mellifluous single titled “Like Dat” featuring Wiz Maleek which strings down spellbound, and rings bells of intense interest, upon listening to it. The song brought more critical praise to Flex. “Like Dat” cements his reputation as one of rap’s frontline show man. The song happens to be one of those tracks that shall remain to crave ready interest any time the sound systems exudes it for the pleasure of the ear. This very track brought a lot of attention on the “Milukibig” hit maker, which broaden his fun base and got him more programme billing.

Quickly ensuing this wave of success, Flex released a refix track “BibiiBa’’ which is originally created by the Ghanaian hip-hop maestro, Sarkodie, in October, 2018. Flex made a cameo return on Gamebwoy’s show (Yeyilang) at the Wa regional sports stadium, which only improved his popularity as one of the finest rapper alive in Wa. Similarly, Flex passed through Stunner’s video launch at the In-Service Training Centre, where he produced yet another blistering performace which set the audience on a crazy trip that night in May, 2018, and it made another industry guru, King Flimzy, to comment on Flex’s facebook post the next day by saying “Flex is really hip-hop”.


The rapper recently blessed the industry with yet another hit track titled “Zenabu” with fellow rapper, Best Gally, which is already trending, sing and dance by all and sundry who love beautiful tunes. This very track caught the attention of most people including Dj Anada, who eventually interviewed the rapper on his airwaves, radio Wa, not quite long.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Flex is seriously working on his very first studio album (free hip-hop) which shall be ready in good time, going by God’s plans and master frame work. In the meantime, Flex is looking forward to working with Gamebwoy Waalu and any other artist who matter in music.

Source: Hajj Seven [CR7]

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