Rockcity Accuse Some People of Doing Kulolo to Their Mics at the Just Ended Miss Upper East 2019 Even


I will first of all apologize to all our fans who were at Miss Upper East 2019 to see us perform. It was unfortunate we couldn’t give you the package we planned to give you that night.

28th December, 2019 was a packed day for ROCKCITY. It was a day we decided to play three free shows as a give-back package to our fans at YOROGO, to WORD FM for playing our music, and to the beautiful queens and their family and friends at Miss Upper East 2019.
We started the day at YOROGO where we trilled the youth there with our usual energy on stage. We proceeded to MOBIL PARK (UPPER EAST OLD SCHOOL REUNION) and gave the audience there their share of the fun. The last performance was at GNAT HALL (MISS UPPER EAST 2019) and we were ready to end the day with an electrifying performance but the unfortunate happened.

I usually don’t like to think negatively when the unfortunate happens, but through the intelligence we gathered, we got to know that there was a sabotage on our performance.
Now, let me leave out the intelligence we gathered and tell you what happened that night. The mics worked perfectly before we got on stage. They stopped working when we got on stage. Miraculously, the same mics started working perfectly again immediately we left the stage. Think about that alone. People who were there can confirm this narrative. I prefer not to “name and shame” since that’s not my main focus in this writeup. I have a few more of such experience I could recount but I’m not sure that’s necessary. The good thing is that all those experiences have really opened my eyes to so many things about human behavior.

This is the message I have for us all. The industry is growing steadily, and we all need to focus on maintaining the steady build-up. It is heartbreaking to know this is the extent to which we can go to pull ourselves down. For what gain??? Honestly, how much are we making in this music business that we have to start doing all these evils? Those of us doing music now in the region are not those who will reap the greater benefits. There are people who came before us, and who opened the doors for us to be able to do music in this region. We are here to only open the doors wider; to make the grounds fertile for the younger ones who will do music after us. Let’s put unnecessary hate and competition aside and do what we all have to do to make music/entertainment a lucrative venture. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren expect us to lay a good foundation for them in the entertainment sector in our region. Unnecessary greed and hate will continue to make us bitter. We will eventually fail and rob the generations that will come after us of an opportunity in music/entertainment.

As a group of mature guys, we have made up our minds to play a fair game in doing our music. Our main focus is to do good music, entertain our fans, and eventually make music a lucrative venture for everyone, including the younger ones who will come after us. We have never harboured any ill intentions against anybody and we expect every other player in the industry to do same. What happened at Miss Upper East 2019 will not make us begin to do evil. We still remain a peaceful group and will remain focused on what we do.

Happy New Year in advance!


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