Stem Education to Raise the Image of Private Schools


STEM Education is the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that is run concurrently with GES/NaCCA or English Curriculum in schools.

The STEM Curriculum provides Students with hands-on knowledge to design and create an artifact to solve challenges in our schools, communities and the nation at large

For example, most schools in Ghana use traditional veronica buckets, traditional bottles with Sanitizer, and more as a way of preventing Covid 19.

The effective way to prevent covid-19 in schools is to use automated veronica buckets, automated sanitizer, automated Dustbin, Atomizer, washing machines, dispensers, fumigation machines and many more.

With STEM Education, Students can build many Artifacts for the schools to prevent covid-19 in an effective way than using the traditional devices.

STEM Education prepares our young Students to be industralised where machines can be manufactured and operated. STEM Education reduces the bookish System of education and nurtures Students to be critical thinkers and creative

For parents to appreciate and pay school fees for their wards, private schools should run STEM Education concurrently with GES/NaCCA or English Curriculum to give young Students a brighter future

Running STEM Education in your school, parents will appreciate the positive impact and will boycott free Education by government

To Register or run STEM Education in your school, call 0540560643

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Executive Director
(National Council of Private School Teachers)

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