Upper West Regional Youth Federation Embarks On Mask-Up Campaign To Reduce The Spread Of The Corona Virus Pandemic


The regional executives of the Upper West Regional Youth Federation on Saturday, 21st November, 2020 embarked on a “MASK UP” to contribute in reducing the spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the Upper West Region. Their MASK UP campaign took them to the Wa market to educate the public on the need to keep wearing the Nose/Face Mask as a precautionary measure in reducing the spread of the virus. They also took the opportunity to distribute 300 Nose Masks to the public.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana is part of the worldwide pandemic of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first two cases in Ghana were confirmed on 12 March 2020, when two infected people came to Ghana, one from Norway and the other from Turkey.

In the Upper West Region, as at the end of July the case count was at 88 cases. This infection rate is dangerous for a region with high poverty levels, high illiteracy which can be a driving force for many not to follow the laid down protocol to reduce the spread.

Speaking to the media on the sideline of their campaign, Haruna Zinentah, the Vice President of the Upper West Youth Federation said even in the best of times, the Ghana health system struggles with a limited health workforce and lack of facilities. The COVID-19 virus could be devastating to vulnerable communities in the poverty-stricken Upper West Region if the best precautions are not followed.

He add that, with them at the youth federation, they take measures to protect themselves and their families. However, this is not the case for the vulnerable people in their operational areas. In this region, big organizations have shut their doors and evacuated their staff. Many services have been suspended. Also, there’s a great risk of the virus spreading as many do not follow the precaution of wearing of Nose/Face Masks. Many assume the virus spread is reducing or may not have been real since they have not seen anyone who is claimed to have contracted the decease.

He said is due to the above reasons the Upper West Regional Youth Federation is embarking on campaign to re-emphasize the need to wear Nose/Face masks.


The use of face masks in the community may primarily serve as a means of source control. This measure can be particularly relevant in epidemic situations when the number of asymptomatic but infectious persons in the community can be assumed to be high. Wearing a face mask could be considered, especially

  • When visiting busy, closed spaces, such as grocery stores, shopping centres, etc.;
  • When using public transport; and

For certain workplaces and professions that involve physical proximity to many other people (such as members of the police force, cashiers – if not behind a glass partition, etc.).

Haruna Zinentah indicated that though this campaign was been sponsored by Africa Outreach through the Foundation For Security Development in Africa (FOSDA), funds are scares to help them achieve much of their objectives.

He therefore use the opportunity to call on benevolent organizations, groups and individuals to support them do more of these campaign to help reduce the spread in the Upper West Region.

Organizations or individuals ready to support can reach them through email: uwr.gyf@gmail.com

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