Wiz Maleek is a humble and a respectful Artistes and I would be glad to fix my voice on his song -Wiyaala


The reigning artist of the year 2018 and 2019 recognized respectively, wiz maleek is seen in the public to be the most arrogant artist in the region but most often than not the below story by WIYAALA has made all the attributes to Wiz Maleek a misconception.

The prumas Artist of the year 2018 shared the same stage with the lioness of Africa [WIYAALA] on 31st Dinner night at FIRST AND LAST (WA).
Before the performance kick start the Lioness Of Africa pre_informed the artist present to stay for a short meeting. After the performance all those artist present left without honouring the Lioness except Wiz maleek.

I can stand boldly to tell the world that the champion boy hit maker is the most humble artist here in our region. Never consider the negative comments it may come from the haters. Base on the good honouring of the lioness by wiz maleek She [WIYAALA] promise to jump on the same beat with the prumas Artist of the year 2018 [WIZ MALEEK].

The management of WIZ MALEEK deem it a great pleasure to thank the management of WIYAALA for that great opportunity given to their frontlinner.
Humble your self and the Blessings shall be yours for ever.
God bless the LIONESS


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