Samini and the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers of Ghana in the Upper West Region on Electro-Fusion Project


On Monday the 22nd of February, 2021, Reggae and Dancehall legend, Samini, in company with the Kakatsitsi Drummers from Ghana touched down Wa, the capital of the upper west Region on the much talked about Electro-fusion Project. The electro-fusion Project was initiated by the Indigenous People, a UK based tour management company with 25 years experience that manage the Kakatsitsi Drummers, in collaboration with Samini to unearth sets and tracks that combine traditional drums and acoustic instruments and to explore how the songs and chants of the electronic beats, baselines, melodies and samples are blended to appeal to the larger music market. As part of the programme, Samini and his team will, in a couple of days or weeks, stay in the Upper West Region, where he originates to meet with the local drummers, musicians, dancers, cultural and spiritual elders and custodians of the land to explore his ancestral, cultural and musical heritage.

The team came fully prepared as they had a16 channel field recording studio and several high definition broadcast quality cameras that will enable them to gather resource materials which will be taken back to Accra, where Samini and Kakatsitsi will work together between March and August to re-arrange the source material in a modern and contemporary manner. The project seeks to recruit a number of traditional musicians playing local traditional drums and acoustic instruments from the region as well as traditional dancers.

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Samini and Kakatsitsi, on Tuesday, 23rd February, met with the Actors Guild of the Upper West Region where the team sought for their support and blessing in carrying out the project. He was in the company of Mr steve Peake, the manager of Indigenous People. Samini later shot a short film with the Waali movie actors.

On the Wedesday, the 24th of February, 2021, Samini visited the Mangu Naa at 9am. As custom demands, Mangu Naa accompanied Samini to the palace of the Overlord of Wa, the magnificent Wa Naa palace. His Royal Highness, Wa Naa, was excited to see Samini and expressed his gratitude to him after Samini outlined the reason for his visit to Wa. The overlord further encouraged Samini to use his Chieftaincy title (Pibilee Naa) in whatever capacity possible to elevate and promote the culture of the people in a manner that will benefit the people. You would recalled that Samini was enskinned as a chief of Pibilee (Pibilee Naa), a sub chief of the Waala traditional council and has since been accorded with that prestige by the Waala community.

Samini and the Kakatsitsi officially launched the project at the forecourt of the wa Naa’s Palace on Thursday 25th February where 3 music groups were auditioned.

The Team visited Sing, a suburb on Saturday 27th February for more auditions. Its was colourful display of indigenous drumming and dancing. Samini later shot a music video for his latest banger g)b3 with his fans at Zee Town.

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On Monday 1st March 2021, the team visited Chegli, a suburb of wa for auditions as well. Mr Steve Peake was impressed with the rich display of talent among the people of Chegli.

On Wednesday, the Team hosted Taaza tailor, a prolific local singer cum drummer and other drummers at the old Regional library to witness their performances. The rich display of performances got fans and the team

The Samini train stopped at Lassia Tuolu and its surrounding communities on Thursday 4th March, 2021.

The project continues unabated as the left for lawra and its environs. Watch out for details of the Samini and the Kakatsitsi Drummers visit to the Lawra community.

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